Effectively Managing Communities in Armenia: Executive Program for Municipal Authorities

June 3 - August 7
Admission Closed
Effectively Managing Communities in Armenia: Executive Program for Municipal Authorities
  • 3 months
  • Matena experts | International experts
  • UWC Dilijan | Yerevan | SKOLKOVO Moscow
  • Russian, English. Simultaneous translation into Armenian
  • Approx. 35
  • Throughout the program:
  • Masterminding | Coaching | Individual Project Work
  • At the end of the program:
  • The best projects will be chosen by the independent jury and co-financed by Matena
  • Matena certificate of program completion
  • SKOLKOVO certificate of professional development
  • Program overview
  • Who is the program meant for?
  • What you get
  • Description
  • Program outcomes
  • Experts

Program Overview

In partnership with SKOLKOVO School of Management, Matena offers a 90-hour program for the development of leadership and managerial skills of municipal authorities.

Who is the program meant for?

- Mayors

- Municipal executives

- Local councilors

What you get

Local and International Expertise

by professionals with long-standing practical and teaching experience

Practical Skills

through formal and non-formal methods, working on an individual project

Professional Assistance

by facilitators and individual coaches


with groupmates and other Alumni


at Dilijan (UWC College), Moscow (SKOLKOVO School), Yerevan

Certificates of Completion

by Matena and SKOLKOVO

Program Content

Module 1

  • SKOLKOVO Experts
  • 16 hours
  • June 3-5
  • UWC Dilijan

Day 1: Strategic leadership in the context of change

Experts: Andrey Sharonov, Marat Atnashev, Marina Veldanova, Olga Peskova
  • Formulating expectations, setting goals
  • Leading teams in uncertain situations, competences of modern managers in public sector
  • Leadership/governance/management, situational differences of management styles, roles in the team
  • Current challenges of municipal leader in Armenia: systemization and searching for solutions in World Café format

Day 2: Leading the team while implementing changes

Experts: Andrey Sharonov, Marat Atnashev, Marina Veldanova, Olga Peskova
  • Forming and managing an effective team, methods of strategic decision-making within the team, key success factors, the art of delegation
  • Internal communications, inter-team and outside-the-team communications, bottom-up and top-bottom communication
  • Role of common goals, setting goals in macro-context and decomposition
  • Implementing changes and transformation of governor’s role
  • Control and feedback in complex situations, essentials and methods of motivation

Module 2

  • Matena Experts
  • 24 hours
  • July 1-3
  • Yerevan

Day 1: Understanding and strengthening local democracy

Experts: Abraham Artashesyan, Davit Margaryan, Grisha Khachatryan, Vahan Movsisyan
  • Local self-government in the system of public administration
  • Political leadership and policymaking at local level
  • Participatory governance
  • Information management in public sector

Day 2: Effective management of local finance

Experts: Abraham Artashesyan, Artak Yergenyan, Vahram Shahbazyan
  • Financial management in public sector
  • Program budgeting
  • Fundraising

Day 3: Municipal management in action

Experts: Davit Margaryan, Grisha Khachatryan, Karen Hovhannesyan, Vahan Movsisyan
  • Strategic management at local level
  • Local economic development
  • Information management systems for programs and budgets
  • Challenges of management in the context of modern issues of municipal employees

Module 3

  • SKOLKOVO Experts
  • 16 hours
  • August 5-7
  • Moscow, SKOLKOVO campus

Day 1: External communications and negotiations with stakeholders

Experts: Andrey Sharonov, Marat Atnashev, Marina Veldanova, Olga Peskova
  • How the municipal manager should effectively collaborate with stakeholders and have an influence on them
  • Tools of effective communication in negotiations
  • Approaches to the management of public expectations in interactions with local authorities, tools of citizen involvement

Day 2: Leading Change-Project Teams

Experts: Andrey Sharonov, Marat Atnashev, Marina Veldanova, Olga Peskova
  • Anti-crisis communications and personal reputation
  • Managing personal reputation and image in social communication channels


  • International experts
  • 6 hours
  • N/A
  • N/A
Experts: George Kepenekian, Harout Chitilian, Vache Terteryan
  • How to effectively involve citizens for a successful local governance
  • Communicating during a crisis management situation
  • System-wide approaches to community transformation

Individual project work

  • Flexible
  • 20 hours


  • Flexible
  • 8 hours


  • Flexible
  • 3 Hours

Program Outcomes

  • Understanding modern municipal leader’s role
  • Ability to manage and lead teams in complex situations
  • Understanding the concept of local self-government and decentralization, benefits of local democracy and participatory governance
  • Ability to implement tools of local democracy and participatory governance
  • Ability to execute financial planning, budgeting, control, and develop fiscal policy
  • Knowledge of fundraising techniques
  • Skills of strategic planning at local level
  • Ability to implement resource management tools
  • Ability to build public trust through effective communication
  • Skills of effective crisis leadership
  • Knowledge of leading practices of successful municipal leadership
  • Expanding horizons, generating new ideas


Abraham Artashesyan
Abraham Artashesyan
Vice-Chairman, Communities Finance Officers Association (CFOA)
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Andrey Sharonov
Andrey Sharonov
Professor, SKOLKOVO School of Management
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Artak Yergenyan
Artak Yergenyan
Expert on public finance and local government
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Davit Margaryan
Davit Margaryan
Head, School of Local Democracy (SLD), local governance expert
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Georges Kepenekian
Georges Kepenekian
Former Mayor of Lyon, France
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Grisha Khachatryan
Grisha Khachatryan
Chairman, Information Systems Development and Training Center (ISDTC) since 2000
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Admission Procedure & Fee

After the online submission, the applicant will have an individual online meeting with Matena team to make sure that the given program is of most benefit to him/her. If needed, the applicants will be provided with consultancy on the experience of participation in other programs. We do our best to ensure that your participation in our programs brings you maximum results!

General fee: 3,900,000 AMD. Matena provides up to 2,900,000 AMD scholarship.
The fee includes:
  • 52 hours of intensive courses by Matena and SKOLKOVO experts​
  • 6 hours of master classes
  • 8 hours of masterminding and strategic sessions​
  • 3 hours of individual coaching
  • Up to 1,5 hours of consulting
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Yerevan-Dilijan transfer
  • Accommodation in Dilijan​
  • Air transfer Yerevan​-Moscow-Yerevan
  • Transfer to SKOLKOVO campus​
  • Accommodation in SKOLKOVO Campus​
  • Meals and coffee breaks
For more information about our fee policy please click here here