Leading Change: Executive Program for Business Managers

February 25 - May 22
Admission Closed
Leading Change: Executive Program for Business Managers
  • 3 months
  • Matena experts | International experts
  • UWC Dilijan | Yerevan | SKOLKOVO Moscow
  • Russian, English. Simultaneous translation into Armenian
  • Approx. 35
  • Throughout the program:
  • Masterminding | Coaching | Individual Project Work
  • At the end of the program:
  • Matena certificate of program completion
  • SKOLKOVO certificate of professional development
  • Program overview
  • Who is the program meant for?
  • What you get
  • Description
  • Program outcomes
  • Experts

Program overview

Individuals able to lead are the engines of progress.
Matena, in partnership with SKOLKOVO School of Management, has developed a 90-hour exceptional program for those, who seek to improve their leadership skills and promote change in their companies 

Who is the program meant for?

- Top and middle-level managers who want to improve their leadership qualities and management skills

- Business owners who want to learn how to build an effective environment for the further development of their companies

What you get

Local and International Expertise

by professionals with long-standing practical and teaching experience

Practical Skills

Obtained by formal and non-formal methods, working on an individual project

Professional Assistance

by facilitators and individual coaches


with groupmates and other Alumni


at Dilijan (UWC College), Moscow (SKOLKOVO School), Yerevan

Certificates of Completion

by Matena and SKOLKOVO

Program content

Module 1

  • SKOLKOVO Experts
  • 16 hours
  • February 25-27
  • UWC Dilijan

Day 1: Thinking through Projects

Experts: Marina Pochinok, Pavel Alferov
  • National peculiarities in management
  • Projects / Processes / Products
  • Turbulence and the CYNEFIN model
  • Traditional project management
  • Business game "Martians"
  • Agile practices
  • Exercise "Evaluation of own project"
  • Problem solving chain
  • Exercise "Canvas description of the project"

Day 2: Architecting the Change

Experts: Marina Pochinok, Pavel Alferov
  • Project stakeholders
  • Exercise "Stakeholder analysis"
  • What is change management?
  • Change management models. AlfPochino triangle
  • WHY to make changes?
  • Three logics of transformation
  • Vision of the leader
  • Scenario analysis for the external environment and decision making on the necessary changes
  • 5 agendas of the change leader
  • WHAT is changing. The model of complementary asset
  • Exercise "Assessment of the readiness of the assets"

Module 2

  • Matena Experts
  • 20 hours
  • April 8-10
  • Yerevan

Day 1 (half-day): Building Foundations for Leadership

Experts: Lara Tcholakian, Rafi Baghdjian
  • Mindful leadership: The key to making better leaders in an era of transformations
  • Making sense of the inner theatre
  • Understanding own and others’ behaviors and emotions
  • Recognizing and diagnosing key behaviors and regulating emotion
  • Do not fly blind: Strategic leadership
  • Real-life stories with multiple replicable learnings in the areas of cultural navigation, deal making, leadership styles, trust building, communication styles, time elasticity vs rigidity, feedback/evaluation styles, decision making

Day 2: Carrying Dynamics of Leadership

Experts: Lara Tcholakian, Rafi Baghdjian
  • Mindful leadership dynamic
  • The role of mindful leadership and its implications in an organization
  • The importance of reflective space and how leaders can take their team to the balcony
  • Self-reflection and different perspectives on leadership
  • Exposing vulnerability, feelings, perceptions and experiences to develop psychological safety and trust and to liberate the full capacity for individual, team and organizational learning
  • Do not fly blind: Strategic leadership (continuation)
  • Real-life stories with multiple replicable learnings in the areas of cultural navigation, deal making, leadership styles, trust building, communication styles, time elasticity vs rigidity, feedback/evaluation styles, decision making

Day 3: Becoming Internal Innovator

Experts: Arik Akhverdian, Armen Orujyan
  • Recruiting for change
  • Intrapreneurship in a modern world
  • The path from science to intrapreneurship
  • A multitude of challenges for modern organization and competition not only from local affiliates but increasingly from those around the globe
  • The drivers of the future and methods in staying competitive and ahead of the curve
  • How to avoid the fates of BlackBerry, Nokia, Kodak, Borders book store, and excel like FAAMG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google)

Module 3

  • SKOLKOVO Experts
  • 16 hours
  • May 21-22
  • Moscow, SKOLKOVO campus

Day 1: Executing Change-Projects

Experts: Marina Pochinok, Pavel Alferov
  • How to implement changes
  • ADKAR Model
  • HOW. Control and accountability
  • "Control points and project metrics" exercise
  • HOW. Communication
  • Working game "Communication of the top management"
  • "Communication plan" exercise
  • HOW. Education
  • HOW. Material and non-material aspects of motivation
  • HOW. Involvement
  • "Motivation system and involvement in the project" exercise
  • HOW. Mentoring and support
  • Case study "The day which changed Sweden"

Day 2: Leading Change-Project Teams

Experts: Marina Pochinok, Pavel Alferov
  • WHO changes: Sponsor, Leader, Team
  • Instruments for distributing functions, liabilities and responsibilities
  • Model of the competencies of the change sponsor
  • Mentality of the leader. Growth mindset - openness to novelties and ability of self-development
  • Four keys to the development of openness to novelties
  • Understanding of your own templates of behavior, self-analysis
  • Working game "Blind Communication"
  • Transformation team
  • Models and rules of the team
  • Headquarters culture and expecting the unexpected


  • International experts
  • 6 hours
  • N/A
  • N/A
Experts: Ruben Enikolopov, Tigran Khudaverdyan, Pierre Gurdjian
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Project Management in Creative Teams
  • Developing Purpose-Driven Leadership

Individual project work

  • Flexible
  • 20 hours


  • Flexible
  • 8 hours


  • Flexible
  • 3 Hours

Program outcomes

  • Understanding the local context of project management
  • Understanding the applicability of different project management approaches depending on the outside context
  • Knowledge on the different approaches of project management
  • Skills on developing decision chains to resolve the tasks/problems
  • Identifying project stakeholders and working with them
  • Understanding the reasons due to which the project does not meet its goals
  • Getting familiar with the concept of leading change
  • Understanding and skills on working with complementary assets
  • Analysis of their role and agenda on the implementation of the change projects
  • Ability to become self-reflective, self-aware, and adaptive change agents
  • Ability to create better values to make a meaningful impact on individuals, teams, and entire companies
  • Skills in cultural navigation, deal making and strategic leadership
  • Ability to sharpen emotional intelligence, psychological safety, trust, and impactful productivity
  • Ability to develop resilience, perseverance, agility, and creativity namely when faced with market transformations
  • Ability to dive deep into past factors, events, and episodes to uncover the challenging patterns and to give birth to new lenses for self-development
  • Ability to bring purpose into their leadership role
  • Ability to manage real-life challenges
  • Understanding the methods of strengthening the change-project team
  • Understanding the development and ability to describe the differences of the following relations: science vs technology; research vs development; invention vs innovation; external innovation vs internal innovation; entrepreneur vs intrapreneur
  • Ability to be attuned to expected developments in the near future (under 7 years)
  • Ability to be attuned to expected developments in the far future (over 7 years)
  • Ability to design plans (strategies) and activities (tactics) to stay ahead of the curve
  • Familiarity with the main steps of accepting the change
  • Understanding the tools to control the realization of change
  • Ability to plan communications and learning in the change projects
  • Ability to create a system of motivation and engagement
  • Familiarity with competencies and principles of developing a leader who manages the changes, understanding their state of development (as a leader)
  • Knowledge of the main characteristics of successful change-making team
  • Experience of work with the team of the BANI world, analysis and conclusions
  • Skills and knowledge of main mistakes on making decisions in the team
  • Understanding the concept of creative trainings for the development of stability in a turbulent environment
  • Knowledge of world-class leading practices of successful leadership
  • Expanding horizons, generating new ideas


Al Eisaian
Al Eisaian
Co-founder, IntelinAir, Board member
See more
Arik Akhverdian
Arik Akhverdian
Founder and CEO, VCV Inc
See more
Armen Orujyan
Armen Orujyan
Founding CEO, Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST)
See more
Igor Khalatyan
Igor Khalatyan
Former Vice President, Oracle Corporation
See more
Lara Tcholakian
Lara Tcholakian
Co-founder, Amsterdam’s Center for Boards and Leadership Development (VU)
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Marina Pochinok
Marina Pochinok
Expert in the fields of transformation of companies, change management, development of leaders HR consultant to the International Olympic Committee.
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Admission procedure & Fee

After the online submission, the applicant will have an individual online meeting with Matena team to make sure that the given program is of most benefit to him/her. If needed, the applicants will be provided with consultancy on the experience of participation in other programs. We do our best to ensure that your participation in our programs brings you maximum results!

General fee: 3,900,000 AMD. Matena provides up to 1,000,000 AMD scholarship.
The fee includes:
  • 52 hours of intensive courses by Matena and SKOLKOVO experts​
  • 6 hours of master classes
  • 8 hours of masterminding and strategic sessions​
  • 3 hours of individual coaching
  • Up to 1,5 hours of consulting
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Yerevan-Dilijan transfer
  • Accommodation in Dilijan​
  • Air transfer Yerevan​-Moscow-Yerevan
  • Transfer to SKOLKOVO campus​
  • Accommodation in SKOLKOVO Campus​
  • Meals and coffee breaks
For more information about our fee policy please click here here