Leading People and Teams

October 31 – December 14
Admission Closed
Leading People and Teams
  • 50 hours
  • In and Outside Yerevan
  • Armenian, English (simultaneous translation into Armenian if needed)
  • Throughout the program:
  • Intensive courses | Masterclasses | Practical Work | Facilitation session
  • At the end of the program:
  • Matena certificate of program completion
  • Program overview
  • Who is the program meant for?
  • What you get
  • Description
  • Program outcomes
  • Experts
  • Fee

Program overview

The program is designed by Matena to help expand knowledge and skills to lead and manage teams in modern companies. The program will contribute to the enhancement of skills in building better working relationships while achieving individual, team, and organizational results.

Who is the program meant for?

Current managers who want to enhance leadership skills and efficiency of the team

Professionals with potential for leading teams

What you get

Local and International Expertise

by professionals with long-standing practical and teaching experience

Practical Skills

obtained by formal and non-formal methods


with groupmates and other alumni


Outside Yerevan

Certificate of Completion

by Matena

Program content

Module 1: Building a Team. Developing Culture

  • Team characteristics and functions, team roles
  • Forming teams
  • Stages of team development
  • The risks of not being intentional about culture․ Purpose and Values
  • Relationship between culture and performance
  • Building, rebuilding and strengthening the existing culture

Module 2: The Art of Delegation and Control

  • Setting individual and team objectives
  • The need for delegation. Delegating correctly
  • Monitoring and control
  • Increasing team participation and making better group decisions
  • Trust Building

Module 3: Leadership and Motivation 

  • Dealing with people. Leader's role
  • Well-being at work
  • Managing resistance
  • Communication through coaching and mentoring
  • Motivation and engagement
  • Purpose-driven leadership

Module 4: Team Performance Management

  • Performance evaluation
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Identifying the training and development needs for a team
  • Managing talent and career
  • Team behavior patterns: Behavioral economics in action

Practical work

  • Flexible
  • 14 hours

Program outcomes

  • Skills of forming effective teams
  • Skills of building and maintaining team culture
  • Skills of setting team objectives
  • Ability to delegate work effectively
  • Ability to improve group decision-making processes
  • Ability to strengthen mutual trust within a team
  • Skills of evaluating team's performance and sharing constructive feedback
  • Skills of managing team's career and development
  • Ability to understand the links between various behavioral factors
  • Ability to lead the team using effective communication skills
  • Ability to coach and mentor teammates
  • Ability to increase motivation and improve morale


Ara Abrahamyan
Ara Abrahamyan
Senior technology executive
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Armen Harutyunyan
Armen Harutyunyan
Behavioral Economics and AI Expert
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Lara Tcholakian
Lara Tcholakian
Co-founder, Amsterdam’s Center for Boards and Leadership Development (VU)
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Lianna Hayrapetyan
Lianna Hayrapetyan
Managing Director, Adobe Armenia
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Nazeli Petrosyan
Nazeli Petrosyan
Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Picsart
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Pierre Gurdjian
Pierre Gurdjian
Co-Founder, "Belgium's 40 under 40", Chairman, Board of Directors of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
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Admission procedure & Fee

After the online submission, the applicant will have an individual online meeting with Matena team to make sure that the given program is of most benefit to him/her. If needed, the applicants will be provided with consultancy on the experience of participation in other programs. We do our best to ensure that your participation in our programs brings you maximum results!

General fee: 1,050,000 AMD. Matena provides up to 400,000 AMD scholarship.
The fee includes:
  • 36 hours of intensive courses by Matena experts
  • Simultaneous interpretation (if needed)
  • Eduweekend outside Yerevan (transportation, accommodation, meals)
For more information about our fee policy please click here here

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