Strategic Planning and Business Development

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Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • 54 hours
  • In and Outside Yerevan
  • Armenian, English (simultaneous translation into Armenian if needed)
  • Throughout the program:
  • Intensive courses | Masterclasses | Individual practical work | Facilitation session
  • At the end of the program:
  • Matena certificate of program completion
  • Program overview
  • Who is the program meant for?
  • What you get
  • Description
  • Program outcomes
  • Experts
  • Fee

Program overview

An intensive program from Matena professors-practitioners, aimed at developing strategic planning, analysis and business development skills for strengthening the competitive position of the company in the market, sustaining and scaling progress, as well as facilitating market expansion. 

Who is the program meant for?

- Individuals or teams who want to start a business

- Executives of various levels and business owners who want to improve skills related to strategic planning and business development

- Specialists and managers of various levels whose work is related to strategic planning, analysis and business development in the company

What you get

Local and International Expertise

by professionals with long-standing practical and teaching experience

Practical Skills

obtained by formal and non-formal methods, working on an individual project


with groupmates and other alumni


outside Yerevan

Certificate of Completion

by Matena

Program content

Module 1: Strategic approach to planning

  • Foresight group session: mapping development trends
  • Importance of mission and vision
  • Goal-setting: top-level strategic goal

Module 2: Research and analysis

  • Company’s context and competition: evaluating the company’s external and internal environment
  • Assessment of the company's effectiveness and competitiveness

Module 3: Crafting and executing a strategy

  • Types of competitive strategies
  • Effective strategy design
  • Frameworks for implementing and managing strategy
  • Alignment of the organizational structure to the strategy
  • Integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) pillars in strategic planning

Module 4: Sustaining and scaling business progress

  • Designing and communicating business models
  • Corporate finance basics and performance evaluation
  • Creating marketing and branding strategies using high-impact insights from behavioral sciences
  • Balance scorecard


Experts: Kenneth Keverian, Igor Khalatyan
  • Strategy lessons: overcoming obstacles in business strategy development and implementation
  • New business models and disruptive innovation strategies for scaling progress and facilitating market expansion

Individual project work

  • Flexible
  • 14 hours

Program outcomes

  • Ability to set top-level strategic goals
  • Ability to effectively analyze the internal and external factors affecting the company’s effectiveness and competitiveness
  • Skills in using a toolkit of strategic planning and business development
  • Knowledge of various types of competitive strategies
  • Skills in identifying and designing a business development strategy
  • Ability to align business strategy to the mission and vision of their organization
  • Knowledge of environmental, social and governance (ESG) pillars
  • Skills to develop business models
  • Ability to implement gained knowledge and skills to own business cases
  • Understand the basics of corporate finance
  • Skills in evaluating and monitoring performance, making appropriate revisions


Alexandre Meterissian
Alexandre Meterissian
Executive Director, Teneo
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Garegin Gevorgyan
Garegin Gevorgyan
Director, Financial Stability Directorate, Central Bank of Armenia
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Hayk Hakobyan
Hayk Hakobyan
Co-Founder, BizBaz
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Haykaz Fanyan
Haykaz Fanyan
CEO, Modex
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Igor Khalatyan
Igor Khalatyan
Former Vice President, Oracle Corporation
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Kenneth Keverian
Kenneth Keverian
Executive Advisor, BCG Former Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, IBM
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Admission procedure & Fee

After the online submission, the applicant will have an individual online meeting with Matena team to make sure that the given program is of most benefit to him/her. If needed, the applicants will be provided with consultancy on the experience of participation in other programs. We do our best to ensure that your participation in our programs brings you maximum results!

General fee: 1,050,000 AMD. Matena provides up to 400,000 AMD scholarship.
The fee includes:
  • 40 hours of intensive courses by Matena experts
  • Simultaneous interpretation (if needed)
  • Eduweekend outside Yerevan (transportation, accommodation, meals)
For more information about our fee policy please click here here