Fee Policy

1.1. Matena International School of Leadership and Professional Development (Matena) is committed to a fair and transparent policy in respect of charges made to students. 
1.2. This regulation applies to students studying at Matena.  
1.3. By accepting an offer of a place or enrolling in a program, students agree to abide by the terms of this regulation.  
1.4. Only the admission office is authorized to provide a definitive statement on Matena's fees. All other fee information provided by non-authorized staff shall be considered advisory only and non-binding to Matena. Students or staff requiring definitive confirmation of fees should contact the admission office at [email protected].
1.5. Matena fees are reviewed upon completion of each program and are published on the Matena website at www.matena.am.
2.1. The level of fees charged is determined by each program separately and is published on the program page at www.matena.am.
2.2. Program fees include all the compulsory trips and residential stays costs which are not invoiced separately from the fees (unless defined otherwise on the program page at www.matena.am). 
2.3. The definitive statement of the fee for your course will be contained in the offer letter you receive from Matena.

3.1. Students are personally liable for payment of their fees throughout their program of study, even where they have a sponsorship agreement with their employer or have arranged for Matena to receive payment on their behalf from a student loan-providing bank or credit organization. 
3.2. If the sponsor fails to pay, or a student loan or a scholarship is withdrawn, the student will become immediately liable to pay fees. 
3.3. Students are liable to pay fees by the start date of their program of study. Students who fail to pay their fees when due will be subject to sanctions, which can include the termination of registration.

4.1.      Students are sent the fee invoice at the latest one week before the session. The invoice is payable in full before the start of the program. 
4.2.      Where there is a shortfall in payment of fees due to bank charges, the student will be required to make good the shortfall.
5.1. Matena does not accept cash.
5.2. Payments may be made via bank transfer to the bank account specified by Matena. 
5.3. Matena reserves the right to refuse or reject any financial transaction where the payment origin cannot be identified or confirmed. 
5.4. You must include your name, student number, and program code (will be included in the invoice). Please ensure that the transfer includes any charges made by your own bank and intermediary bank (if applicable). Any excess payment will be refunded to the payee on request. After you have transferred payment, please email documentation from your bank giving details of the transfer together with a cover letter stating your full name and student number to [email protected].
 6.1.      There is a five-business day cancellation period before the program start date when you can cancel the acceptance of your offer and request a refund if the payment has already been made. 
6.2.      If you wish to cancel your acceptance, please request this in writing via email at [email protected].
6.3.      Cancelling the payment also denotes your decision to decline your confirmed place on the course you have applied to at Matena. Once canceled there is no guarantee that we will be able to reinstate your place, as it may be given to another applicant on a waiting list.  

7.         REFUND RIGHT
7.1.      After the expiration of the period indicated in close 6.1 Matena does not refund fees except in certain exceptional circumstances. 
7.2.      A student will be entitled to a refund indicated in the close 7.1 in the following exceptional circumstances:
1)         due to a serious illness which rendered the student unfit to continue studies;
2)         due to the death of a parent or carer, spouse, or child.
7.3.      If a student withdraws the studies due to the circumstances described in 7.2 the refund is payable in the following proportions: 
1)         75% if the student withdraws before the end of the first week of the program;
2)         50% if the student withdraws after the end of the first week but before the start of the third week;
3)         25% if the student withdraws after the start of the third week but before the start of the fourth week.
7.4.      Where a course is canceled by Matena, a full refund will automatically be made to all students affected.
 8.1.      We will aim to reimburse any applicable funds without undue delay within 14 business days of receipt of your notification of cancellation and after we are in receipt of full information.   
8.2.      Students who withdraw must first submit the appropriate form to [email protected]
8.3.      Refund requests which are based on extenuating circumstances described in 7.2 must be accompanied by documentary evidence, such as a medical or death certificate.
8.4.      If a student has any other outstanding debt to Matena, this will be deducted from any refund of Matena's fees. 
8.5.      All refunds are processed in the currency received. Refunds are made by bank transfer.
8.6.      Payments made by anyone other than personally by the student cannot be refunded to the student but must be returned to the remitter.
8.7.      If payment was split between more than one payer, any refund will be made in the same proportion as the original split. 
8.8.      Bank charges may be deducted by Matena if the refund is made abroad and, in a currency, other than AMD.
 If you are not satisfied with a decision taken regarding the fees you have been charged, the arrangements for payment, refunds, or any sanctions imposed for non-payment, you may submit a complaint in writing to: [email protected]
 For queries about payment of fees, deadline, etc. contact: [email protected] 
For queries about your student record, contact: [email protected]