Digital Transformation and Culture in Companies

18 January 2023, 19:00
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Digital transformation is changing business models by using digital tools. In order to ensure that the money allocated for digital transformation is not wasted, it is necessary to clearly define the goals and understand what to expect from the transformation and what changes will follow. 

In almost any field, we are faced with the need to store, search and analyze large amounts of information. In order to use the information intelligently and to get meaningful results, you need a digital culture. 

At the meeting, Maxim Alatov, Director at ICDT (International Center of Digital Transformation) and specialist of digital transformation programs at Skolkovo School of Management will tell us about the transformation of digital culture in companies. Edgar Karapetyan, Director of strategy and innovation at Galaxy Group, will also share his experience of the innovation culture in the company. And Sergey Arakelyan, Digital banking director at IDBank, will talk about technology in businesses. 
At the meeting you will learn:  
- digital culture and what it brings to businesses, 
- culture transformation, 
- case study: culture of innovation by Edgar Karapetyan. 
18:30-19:00 – Registration 
19:00-19:30 – Maxim Alatov's speech on the transformation of digital culture 
19:30-20:00 – Edgar Karapetyan's speech on digital culture 
20:00-20:30 - Sergey Arakelyan’s speech on technology in business 
20:30-21:00 – Open discussion with the speakers and Maxim Mikhaylov, ICDT Program director, digital transformation and product development consultant. 
When: January 18, at 19:00
Where: Matena school | Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, 6