"Strategic Approaches to Digital Product Creation" open lecture

14 July 2023, 19:00
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Do you want to learn how to develop digital products that bring real value to the user and can increase your profits? Do you want to understand your customers' behavior and create products that meet their needs?   
Matena ICDT invites you to the "Strategic approaches to digital product creation" open lecture, where we will share with you the secrets of successful digital product creation and promotion.   
During the meeting, we will cover the following topics:  
-the importance of digital products for your business metrics: how they affect the success of your business,  
- how digital products help you increase your income,  
- specific steps and algorithms for creating a digital product: from idea to implementation,   
- what tools are needed to successfully launch and develop digital products,  
- analysis of existing digital products and their mistakes.   
Date and time: July 14, 19:00   
Venue: Matena International School, Baghramyan 6