Creating Valuable Strategies: The 6th Cohort of the "Strategic Planning and Business Development" Program Has Launched

04 March 2024
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How to create a strategy that will become a real change for business development?

Matena's "Strategic Planning and Business Development" program launched its new, sixth stream on February 27.

This time, participants will explore the entire cycle of creating a strategy, starting from strategic leadership, then moving on to the selection of business models, the importance of planning, then marketing, financial, and innovative components of strategy, and concluding with the study of tools necessary for implementation.

During the program, participants started working on individual projects, which will be summarized at the end of the program, receiving feedback from the program's experts and participant peers.

If you want to create a business, develop a new strategy, or improve an existing one for your business development, register for the next cohort of the "Strategic Planning and Business Development" program.

The start is on May 14, duration is 2 months, details are here.
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