Elevating Leadership Excellence: The Matena Journey Continues

01 March 2024
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On February 26, Matena launched its sixth "Leading People and Teams" program, attracting leaders from various fields eager to refine their leadership and team management skills. 

This two-month program is distinguished by opportunities for networking, learning from experienced professionals, and developing a broad skill set.

In the video below, Matena's head of programs Lilit Gyulgyulyan, lecturer Ara Abrahamyan, and alumnus Sahak Grigoryan discuss the "Leading People and Teams" program. They share their experiences and insights, highlighting the program's impact on developing leadership and team management skills. This discussion showcases the practical benefits and transformative potential of the program for professionals aiming to elevate their leadership capabilities.
The program is currently in progress, and if you're looking to enhance your knowledge in inspiration and leadership, Matena is already accepting applications for its seventh cohort.

You can find more details and the opportunity to register here.
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