Matena Hosted Insightful Info Day Event

22 April 2024
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On April 17th, Matena held an informative event for those interested in its upcoming educational programs. Alumni took the stage to share their personal experiences from past programs, discussing how the skills they learned have helped them in their jobs and the important lessons they gained from their teachers.

The event included panel discussions and individual talks, giving attendees a close look at what studying at Matena is like. They discussed what courses are offered, the expertise of the teachers, and the resources available to students.
Participants also learned about scholarships and financial support, making Matena’s programs more accessible. A special feature of the event was a 10% discount on future courses, offered by the alumni to help new students.

Overall, the event effectively highlighted Matena’s commitment to quality education and community support, providing a great opportunity for potential students to learn about the school and connect with its educational community.
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