Upcoming at Matena: Ready to Explore?

22 March 2024
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From Cyprus' radiant beaches to Dilijan's refreshing breezes, from the luminous afternoons in Baghramyan to the cozy nights in Tsaghkadzor: what programs are expected in the upcoming months at Matena? Let's explore together!

1. Starting May 13, for two months, we'll explore how to inspire our teams and lead them with the right tools in the "Leading People and Teams" program.

- May 13 - July 3
- In and Outside Yerevan
2. From May 14, we'll dive into learning about strategy creation through the "Strategic Planning and Business Development" program.

- May 14 - July 4
- In and Outside Yerevan
3. Beginning May 21, we will spend three days in Cyprus participating in the "Leadership in a Global Environment" bootcamp.
- May 21 - 23
- Limassol, Cyprus
4. In June, we will gather for a transformative two-day bootcamp at UWC Dilijan, aimed at revitalizing our leadership strategies with cutting-edge perspectives.

- June 22 - 23
- UWC Dilijan College
In case of questions, feel free to write to us or call +374 60 67 27 20.
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