Dealmaking in Complex Environments: Executive Program

Pre-registration: Open
Dealmaking in Complex Environments: Executive Program
  • 2 months
  • In and Outside Yerevan
  • English (simultaneous translation)
  • Throughout the program:
  • Intensive courses | International experts | Group discussions | Masterclasses | Simulation game
  • At the end of the program:
  • Certificate from Matena
  • Program overview
  • Who is the program meant for?
  • What you get
  • Description
  • Program outcomes
  • Experts
  • Fee

Program overview

Matena is launching an executive program with the aim of enhancing the negotiation and dealmaking skills of the top-level executives. The program includes intensive modules over two months and features exercises that simulate the real-world dynamics and complexities of competitive bidding processes.

-Harvard Negotiation Method
-Real-Life Simulations
-Experts from Matena and Harvard University

Who is the program meant for?

Top-level executives and entrepreneurs who want to take their negotiation and dealmaking skills to the next level.

What you get

International expertise

by leading professionals with extensive teaching experience

Practical Skills

obtained through classroom training and informal interactions


with groupmates and other alumni


outside Yerevan

Certificate of Completion

from Matena

Program content

Module 1: Harvard Negotiation Method: Theory & Exercises

  • Yerevan
Experts: Marat Atnashev
  • Negotiation principles, interests, relations
  • Negotiation strategies, confrontation & cooperation
  • Multiparty negotiation
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Coalition building
Experts: Marat Atnashev
  • Strategies and tactics in crisis communications
  • Conflict resolution

Module 2: Multiparty Negotiation Exercise: “The Eurasia Deal”

  • Yerevan
Experts: Arvid Bell, Marat Atnashev
  • Scenario introduction to “The Eurasia deal” simulation
  • Dealing with uncertainties
  • Internal negotiations
Experts: Arvid Bell, Marat Atnashev
  • Practicing negotiations
  • Process of dealmaking
  • Negotiations with different stakeholders
Experts: Arvid Bell, Marat Atnashev
  • Final step of negotiation
  • Group results
  • Debrief and reflection


  • Outside Yerevan
Experts: Rafi Baghdjian
  • Do Not Fly Blind
  • Facilitation session

Program outcomes

  • Implement negotiation and auction tactics
  • Understand negotiation complexity and nested negotiation networks
  • Anticipate and leverage BATNA dynamics
  • Synchronize internal and external actions across fragmented constituencies
  • Craft resilient business negotiation strategies
  • Confront cognitive maelstroms in negotiation crisis situations
  • Implement conflict resolution strategies
  • Leverage indirect deal interdependencies
  • Mobilize and align stakeholders around the negotiation table
  • Confront spoilers and holdouts that threaten your coalition


Arvid Bell
Arvid Bell
Lecturer on Government, Harvard University & Partner, Negotiation Design and Strategy (NDS)
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Marat Atnashev​
Marat Atnashev​
Center Associate, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University
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Rafi Baghdjian
Rafi Baghdjian
Advisor to Foundations, Executive with decades of experience, Shell
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Admission procedure & Fee

After the online submission, the applicant will have an individual online meeting with Matena team to make sure that the given program is of most benefit to him/her. If needed, the applicants will be provided with consultancy on the experience of participation in other programs. We do our best to ensure that your participation in our programs brings you maximum results!

General fee: 1,500,000 AMD. Matena provides up to 400,000 AMD scholarship.
The fee includes:
  • Intensive courses by international experts
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Master classes
  • Simulation game, personalized feedback
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